About Us

We like to call ourselves "amateur breeder", despite the “Mare d’Inverno” affix is recognized as Enci-Fci, because our dogs are the dogs of the house, those with whom we have chosen to share life, with whom we play, we sleep and work at the training camp, they are our family members and as such they live with us and not in a box. They are feed with the best feeds on the market and have a first class veterinary assistance.

We like to call ourselves "amateur breeding" because it’s love that binds us to our dogs, makes us travel this road made of study and application, made of puppies that we grow up and then entrust them in the hands of their new families carefully chosen.

Our primary commitment is to bring to the world beautiful puppies, with a balanced character and healthy as it’s possible; from the studies we carry out, in continuous updating, our blood lines have very low percentage incidences in relation to the most common pathologies of genetic origin.

We examined the 5 previous generations of our bitches for a total of almost 2,000 dogs, noting and being able to document:

Hip dysplasia = 4%

Hypothyroidism = 0.6%

Problems related to dentition (deficiencies, prognathism, enigma) = 2%

Color defects (presence of gray or excess of white) = 0.0%

Tail defects = 1%

Monorchidism / cryptorchidism = 0.6%

Liver Shunt = 0.46%

Osteochondritis dissecans = 0.72%

Degenerative myelopathy = 0.16%

Oculopathies = 0.2%


Our work is based on careful selection.

Why select and not simply breed?

Because with life you do not play, because you have the duty to ensure that the new lives that we put into the world are as healthy, beautiful and balanced as possible, because we believe that if you are choosing a hovawart as a life partner, have the right to know what to expect from him with reasonable certainty and this can guarantee you, within the limits of human nature, only a rigorous, careful and targeted selection.

All this we believe has a value from which we do not leave aside, because certain values do not sell out and they are put on sale. Perhaps our puppies are expensive and if for you is more important the price than the selection quality, we are not the breeders to whom to turn.

We have a very wide database, thanks to which we can verify that every pairing presents the minimum possible risks, as far as the current human knowledge allows

We have a continuous exchange with foreign countries, because abroad there are bloodlines thoroughly studied and stallions that really can make the difference in a mating, as abroad there are the data necessary to select the best; moreover, in this way we guarantee us a considerable breadth of genetic heritage that allows us to compare and relate to go further on a constant improvement line.

A further step forward was to have our dogs participate in the German character tests and selection, then our current bitches, Palletta (J-Tutta ‘nata Storia del Mare d’Inverno) and Dina (K-A New Flame del Mare d’Inverno) are daughters of Rhap (Bohemian Rapsody del Mare d’Inverno) who passed these tests, Iliana Aldeon comes from lines whose ancestors have all been regularly tested.

We were the first italian breeder to export dogs to France, Germany, Spain, United States, Swiss and the Netherlands; one of our pup, the first Italian, has passed the selection test of the Swiss Breed Club for breeders and has already given us two litters of Swiss grandchildren.

We do a few litters and very often have to wait for our puppy, but this is a guarantee too